The Thymus Tap – For Wellbeing

by Larry Barsh, M.S.   C.H.T.

The Thymus Tap is one of the most useful and productive techniques for reducing/eliminating pain, and for generally improving wellness and well being both physically and emotionally. It can be done by almost anyone.

To use the Thymus Tap, simply tap on the breastbone area at the bottom of the neck just below the hollow of the throat. Use the first one or two fingers of either hand. As you tap, say to yourself (or out loud) a present tense, positively stated word or phrase that represents the goal you want to achieve. You may also use many phrases, or even carry on a positive, present tense conversation with yourself, speaking as if the outcome you desire has already occurred. For example:

I now only feel pleasant and comfortable sensation in/from my __________;
I am calm; My body is relaxed and strong; My body now regulates and
balances to create sustaining comfort; and, Each day, in every way, I am better and better.

Also, when doing the Thymus Tap, you may say something like this:

I now order the part of me that knows how to release pain, and create comfort, strength, healing, and well being.

When you tap on the breastbone, you stimulate the gland behind it—the Thymus gland. It seems that the Thymus radiates your message and intention throughout your body and mind to effect the results you seek. If you only tapped on your breastbone for a total of five minutes a day, and said nothing, you would stimulate your immune system (the Thymus regulates much of the immune system). I suggest that you practice this technique for one minute (or longer) at least 12 times per day so that you are familiar with using it, and your mind and body are trained to give you positive results.

If you are concerned about tapping your chest, you may use a tapping motion which just stops short of contacting your chest, or even put one hand over your chest and tap the hand. Even just imagining tapping your chest works for some people. The most important thing is to practice and become accustomed to the Thymus Tap (make its use second nature) before you unexpectedly need it. Of course, you can use it often to create and maintain beneficial results.

I have taught the Thymus Tap to thousands of people, and many have told me what a difference it made… even saving lives. That’s worth twelve minutes a day of practice!

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