Excerpts from actual client letters

“Your program has inspired me to create and live my dreams. It has reminded me that we truly can have what we want in life, and more.”   Genevieve Nedder, Actress, Boulder, CO

“I believe that Larry has a special ability to reach people and, combined with his concern and patience, he has a wonderful success rate.”  Marcia Berger, Executive Director, Third Street Kids, Tucson, AZ

“My ability to know that I can truly achieve my goals since working with you has increased my performance as an athlete. Prior to working with you I doubted myself and did not feel as though I deserved success in the cycling and triathlon world. In the last nine months since we started my program, I have been placing in the top one percent.”  Tyler Ford, Ironman Triathelete

“It was interesting to note that, in the month following Larry’s workshop, our sales increased dramatically over the projected figures.”  Kathy Oberholtzer, Sales Manager, The Doubletree Hotel, Tucson, AZ

“This is the man who got me to win the world championship. When I stepped on the floor to compete, I knew I would win thanks to Larry’s program.”  Alan Kelly, World Karate Champion.

“Thanks to Larry, I am beginning to champion myself. I am losing weight…I am exercising with a trainer and yoga instructor. I am not offering my life to my parents anymore, or anyone else, Now I am reclaiming my life and I am beginning to truly feel entitled to it. It is a wonderful feeling and way to live.”   Rosalie S.

“Thank you for your tremendous help. I have made more progress in the past three weeks than in all the last 20 years. My whole world is different. I’m more confident and I think more clearly than ever before in my life. Dare I call it a miracle? I think I can.”  Charlene W.

The only way I can fully describe how I feel is liberated. I’ve slept 7-8 hours a night. The joy of feeling rested and having energy is profound. I’ve been so used to exhaustion and pushing myself to do what needs to be done I’d forgotten what it feels like to be rested.”    Debbie K.

‘I wanted to write and thank you for an effective program for my pain control…After two weeks, I was able to cut my medications in half. My mental outlook improved and my disability didn’t seem to be as oppressive as I had been viewing it. Now, after 5 weeks, I’m able to discard more of the medications. I’m able to use my techniques and reduce the pain to a slightly annoying level.”  Susan H.